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Are you looking for the absolute best painters in the greater Tulsa area? You have come to exactly the right spot for all of your commercial and residential painting and remodeling needs. We can guarantee you a stress-free experience while also promising to provide you with a high quality finished product. Not only can we promise to give you the best interior and exterior paint options in the industry but, we also promise to get it done on time as well as on budget. Our experts are fun, friendly, and creative. If you have a vision and you need help bringing it to life. Look no further than straight line paint and remodeling. Our professionals can give you something that’s unique and personalized help your commercial or residential property stand out from the rest.

Paints and finishes galore anything you want we promise to give you plus more. We are more than just a painting company. In fact, we are at the best painting company in the greater Tulsa area according to our amazing reviews given to us by our gracious clients. We are also a full-service remodeling company as well. Our services go above and beyond so we guarantee to exceed all of your expectations when it comes to upgrading your commercial and residential properties. The color of paint you want, we got it! If for some mind blowing reason we don’t then you best believe that our amazing and creative professionals will make it happen for you every time. For other like-minded creative individuals you will be happy to know that we offer a dry erase wall paint as well as metallic decorative finishes.

Painting is the name providing excellent service is our game. Whether interior or exterior we offer the highest quality of paints. In fact, taking care of our environment is on our priority list so you can rest easy knowing that we also have a low and zero volatile organic compound paint option. All of our super friendly and professional experts are so good at their job that you can literally sit back and kick your feet up knowing that we will handle your project on time and on budget. Part of our policy is always keeping an open and honest line of communication with our residential and commercial clients. Part of the fun in being a full-service company is that we can literally take care of everything for you. This means no subcontracting you out to other companies you may not know or trust.

We would thoroughly enjoy it if you could please stop by our website and check out our amazing photo gallery. Our experts do such an amazing job that we need you to see it for yourself. We are continuously reviewed as the best full-service painting company in the greater Tulsa area because our painting professionals have the most crisp lines, the speediest techniques, and let’s be honest they’re fun to be around. We have all of the paint colors and finishes that you could possibly dream of. If you have a vision we guarantee that our creative and passionate professionals can bring it to life. Just simply rest easy knowing that this whole experience can be completely stress free with a full-service company like ours.

Did I mentioned that we paint anything and everything whether commercial or residential? Did you know this? Have you heard of this? Seriously! We are the best! We can paint anything interior or exterior and commercial or residential nobody has as many options as we do. You name it. Cabinets? Your basement? As long as there’s no dead bodies! Your doghouse? All of this! We can truly paint all of this with the highest quality products on the market. Providing you with a long-lasting and great-looking paint job. Also did we mention that not only can we paint your doghouse but if Rufus needs a new doghouse the way that the inside of your house needs a new paint job then we can also take care Rufus? We guarantee that we can build him an awesome doghouse, the kiddos a clubhouse of their dreams, and still give the interrior or exterior of your home the facelift it deserves as well.

Do you have 12 rooms in your residential or commercial property? Do you want each of them to be a different color? No problem! It would be as easy as pie for us to come and knock this out for you. In fact you bring the pie because that sounds yummy. If you need the exterior of your commercial or residential property painted we do recommend starting off with a power washing service to guarantee the surface is clean and ready to go. We offer nearly as many finishes as we do paint colors as well as architectural designs. Basically it’s as easy as you give us a call, we come out and give you an absolutely free quote, and you share your vision with us. We then go back to our little designing lab and we bring you a plan of how we can bring your vision to life.

Straight line paint and remodeling company looks forward to hearing from you soon. You can reach us at 918-397-9030 and we encourage you to take a look around our website where we have also provided links to our Facebook and Instagram pages. We know you are going to love the completely stress-free experience that we can offer you on your next residential or commercial improvement project. We know that you will not be able to find a better deal in the greater Tulsa area of the options we have for you. Our friendly and efficient painting professionals can knock out any project big or small. Also, being a full-service company means that we will deliver the final product on time and on budget because we will be the only ones working on it. We promise to not make you worry about being subcontracted out because we can take care of everything for you.