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Have you seen the straight line paint and remodeling van driving around the greater Tulsa area? Maybe you’ve even wondered what type of services they offer. Well I’ve got some extremely great news for you. Go to our website right now at and click on gallery. We take so much pride in how hard we work to bring people’s vision to life that we have to share more than just a few pictures. You can check out our commercial buildouts, our power washing and staining services, as well as our interior and exterior painting but wait! That’s not all! You can also see some of the remodeling we’ve done in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms and even have a quick peek at our tile and deck installations.

By popping over to the photo gallery on our website you can see how super crisp our paint and remodeling jobs truly are. We take pride in providing you with multiple before-and-after photos in each area that we offer our expertise. Straight line paint and remodeling understands how truly helpful it can be to check out the photo gallery before deciding which company to go with. You can absolutely rest easy with us knowing that we really are a one stop shop for all of your commercial and residential painting and remodeling needs. When it comes to interior painting we don’t just do walls and ceilings we can also give your fireplace a facelift with a new paint job as well as providing the whole space with a little bit of a personalized update. Our commercial clients get a super neat extra bonus as well because we also do commercial build outs on top of interior and exterior painting.

Sometimes seeing is believing and at straight line paint and remodeling we totally understand that. So, seriously take a minute and check out our website you can look at our gallery or click on our Facebook and Instagram link and take a tour around there as well. The only way to know how truly dedicated we are to providing professional work for your commercial and business painting and remodeling projects is to see it with your own eyes. We can guarantee that you will be absolutely be impressed with not only our quality of work but also our variety of updating and remodeling options we provide to you. We are currently serving the greater Tulsa area however we are willing to travel to you to bring a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience that will not only change your quality of happiness in your commercial or residential property but will also add value to it for a reasonable cost.

Here at straight line paint and remodeling we love a challenge. Absolutely no project is too big or too small for us. We have been blessed to take care of commercial and residential properties in the greater Tulsa area and fully believe that we can bring your painting and remodeling vision to the next level. We offer top-notch painting products and services and we can give you a completely customized upgrade to your property or business. Just take a look at the photo gallery on our website to see that every project we work on is truly customized and one-of-a-kind. We don’t want to just give your property the same simple updates that every other comapny is handing out. We want to listen to your wants and needs and provide you with something that you will absoulutey enjoy taking in for years to come considering we offer long-lasting paint jobs and services.

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get at straight line paint and remodeling are, “Can you paint just one room at a residential property?”. The answer is yes! Absolutely. We can come in and quickly knock out just one room for you at your home. “Do you powerwash privacy fences as well as building and home exteriors?” We definitely power wash privacy fences. Most of the time when we power wash a wooden fence it is to make sure that it’s completely clean and ready to go for a fresh coat of stain. We understand, especially in Oklahoma, that the sun as well as other weather elements can really get to your wooden fence. If you want to give your privacy fence a little bit of a facelift and brighten it up give us a call at 918-397-9030 and we can come out and clean it, restain it, and do it in a super timely manner under a super doable budget.

If you want to have a look at a little bit of our residential exterior painting or our exterior commercial painting just take a look at our photo gallery on our website. You can see that we truly paint with the utmost attention to detail making sure to create a perfectly clean finished look. Straight line paint and remodeling loves the opportunity to get creative and provide our commercial and residential clients with the customized paint and remodeling job of their dreams. We complete projects from simple, super easy, to extra unique all while providing you with an enjoyable, friendly experience. Perhaps the parking lines outside of your business or commercial property just need touched up. We’ve totally got you covered!

Straight line paint and remodeling looks forward to connecting with you for your next painting and remodeling projects in the greater Tulsa area. We hope you loved everything you saw in our photo gallery as well as our Facebook and Instagram links that we provided on our website. Let us take the pain out of painting by providing an on time and on budget guarantee. Give us a call at 918-397-9030 and ask us about our free quote. After looking through our website you will be able to see that we truly have work that wows by providing our residential and commercial clients with customized and one-of-a-kind finished projects. Look no further for your truly one stop shop for all of your paint and remodeling needs.