About Us

Who is Straight Line Paint & Drywall?

Licensed and fully insured, Straight Line Paint & Drywall is a full service painting company that specializes in high quality interior and exterior painting. We are fully equipped to handle any scale of project from residential to commercial.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value to our residential and commercial clients by creating great looking, long lasting paint jobs, and providing friendly, reliable customer service. We believe very strongly in the idea of taking pride in our work. Afterall, we can’t hope to provide our residential and commercial clients with the best quality services possible if we don’t believe in systems ourselves.

We treasure our good reputation and proudly stand behind all of our work, so you can enjoy complete confidence in the trust you place in us. Straight Line Paint & Drywall is dedicated to perfection, punctuality, speed, professionalism, detail, and complete customer satisfaction. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients every day! We have built our company on the foundations of trust, integrity and reliability.

Straight Line Paint & Drywall offers a comprehensive warranty for each of our customers. As commercial paint contractors, we serve commercial painting customers in the greater Tulsa area. All Straight Line Paint & Dry Wall supervisors prepare for the arrival of the painting crew by posting signs and alerting tenants in advance, as needed. These proper planning procedures save time and aggravation, helping to resolve building access and parking issues. We are licensed and fully insured, therefore, our assigned crews will work straight through your job to completion, respecting your time.

Whether you are looking to paint your multi-color Victorian, faux finish a stucco home to make it look like a Tuscan Villa or to just paint the interior of one room, look no further. Straight Line can take care of it for you.

Our Vision

We create great looking, long lasting paint jobs by consist­ently exceeding estab­lished painting industry quality standards, and deliver friendly, reliable customer service. We are also intentional about providing the highest quality in drywall repair and installation. Taking care of the environment is important to us and we offer environmentally friendly low and zero-volatile organic compounds. Our aim is to earn customers for life.

Core Values

Our Customers & Our Employees Always Come First

We, here at Straight Line Painting and Drywall, believe in putting the well being of our customers and employees before anything else. As a customer and client, you have our full attention when it comes to your project. We believe in being transparent and attentive to your needs.

As an employee of Straight Line Paint & Drywall, we focus on people’s well-being and success as a priority and strive to create an environment where people can be their best. We want our employees to have a career, not just a job. That’s why we focus on creating repeatable systems to make daily work easier, as well as focus on upward mobility for our employees.


The True Value Of A Job Well Done

Here at Straight Line Paint & Drywall, we believe that true value is determined by how much more we give in the way of results, rather than what we take in payment. At the end of each project, we want to make sure that the customer’s vision was executed precisely before we consider payment.


Highest Quality Experiences

We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to leave a positive impact on our clients and customers. We obsess on following up with our clients in order to get their objective feedback.



We believe in getting the most out of every experience and interaction. That starts with a positive attitude. It is important to us that we create a culture of positivity in order to ensure that our customers and employees are always happy.



Discipline, hard work, determination, and following a proven system are the defining elements of a successful company. Here at Straight Line Painting & Drywall, we are a results focused company. Whereas many businesses are purely transactional, we are only successful as long as we are providing results.


Straight Line Painting & Drywall services the greater Tulsa area but is also willing to travel. We happily service all of greater Oklahoma, Kansas, as well as parts of Texas. We are your best choice for all of your commercial and residential needs. We specialize in painting, drywall, power washing, wood staining and so much more! Give us a call today to schedule a FREE QUOTE or to inquire if your residential or commercial property falls within our service area! (918) 397-9030



Of all the improvements you can make to beautify and add value to your home, nothing is more cost-effective or makes a bigger impact than a fresh coat of paint. We believe that our painting business is about more than just painting, it’s about beautiful transformations, trust, reliability and developing great relationships that will continue for years to come.Thats why we also offer a full range of other home improvement services! Ever considered staining your fence to give it some extra sizzle? We can handle that. Does your driveway, patio, or siding need a deep cleaning? Ask about our power washing services.



Straight Line covers all your painting needs for commercial, industrial and large-scale residential projects. We offer painting services that exceed your expectations with minimal workplace disturbance. Our employees are skilled in interior and exterior painting practices in a wide variety of painting techniques. We specialize in both interior and exterior painting, BUT we are not limited to just painting. We also offer epoxy flooring options as well as light carpentry work for our commercial clients.


We’re Way More Than Just Paint & Drywall

Does your next residential or commercial job need more than just a new coat of paint? Give us a call and learn more about how Straight Line Painting & Drywall can assist you with your remodeling needs! More of our amazing services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Epoxy floor coverings
  • Structural steel protection
  • Faux finishes
  • Durable architectural finishes
  • Dry erase wall paint
  • Metallic decorative finishes
  • Light Carpentry and more

Straight Line Paint & Remodeling | Quality is Standard

Are you looking to give your home a facelift this Summer? You’ve come to the perfect spot! Straightline paint and remodeling is a full-service Tulsa painters company that can bring your dreams to life. We specialize in the highest quality interior and exterior painting in the greater Tulsa area. The best quality products are an absolute standard for us so relax and let our licensed and fully insured experts take care of you. If you’re looking to repaint the outside of your home this year just think about how terrible the heat is in the summer and how completely frigid it is in the winter. You can rest easy by letting our friendly and fast professionals knock this out for you while you’re able to focus on more important things. We guarantee that we can truly offer you a stress-free experience.

Besides being able to provide you with the friendliest and most reliable customer service in the greater Tulsa area, we also are the Tulsa painters that pride ourselves on creating great-looking and long-lasting paint jobs. Whether it’s a big job, a massive job, or even just one bedroom in the house you can kick your feet up and enjoy your sweet tea knowing that we have got you taken care of. Straightline paint and remodeling deliver exceptional value to our residential and commercial clients by providing an unforgettable experience. We know you will love the easy breezy opportunity that we can offer you. If you’re looking for a reliable full-service painting company that can get your commercial project looking beautiful the first time then stop wasting time and give us a call.

Quality is and always will be the absolute standard at Straightline paint and remodeling because we treasure our good reputation and proudly stand behind our work. Not only can our quick and outstanding staff handle any project size with ease we also guarantee that you will love the final product. Our amazing staff truly pays attention to detail whether you’re looking to paint the interior or exterior of your residential or commercial property. Is it your dream to have a multicolored Victorian or maybe even a faux finish stucco that looks like a Tuscan Villa? No worries we’ve got the seasoned and professional experts to bring this vision to life for you. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you taken care of from start to finish.

Here at Straightline paint and remodeling, we are the Tulsa painters that truly take the pain out of a painting. The thing that makes our exceptional company stand out from the rest is the fact that we offer quality work, reliable experts, and even a warranty on your commercial or residential paint projects. In fact, we want you to know that taking care of the environment is definitely on our priority list which is why we offer paint options that are environmentally friendly by incorporating zero volatile organic compounds. We truly are the best full-service painting company in the greater Tulsa area and as if the news wasn’t great enough already we are even willing to travel to provide you with the paint job of your dreams. Seriously you won’t find another full-service company that truly is this passionate about the services we provide for you.

What you can expect after letting straight line paint and remodeling take care of your next project is knowing that you had a stress free, on-time guarantee, finished project. We understand that everyone has busy lives so let us take care of your next poppin’ paint project. That’s right we know that you will love your experience with us so much that you will tell your neighbors and friends that it’s time for them to repaint their commercial and residential properties as well. We truly provide work that wows by providing the highest quality materials as well as a professional and polished paint job in the greater Tulsa area. You can also expect to find the perfect color for your next project. Let our amazing experts help you plan your next painting project with their keen eye for color and design.

Bring your inner artist, your child, or your task and list-oriented person’s dream to life with our dry erase wall paint. The dry erase wall paint is extremely popular among many types of residential and commercial property. Perhaps you are an artist or poet and imagine you had a whole wall where you could just get up and go and start creating. You don’t have to worry about where you placed your journal, eraser shavings, or your laptop dying. You could just get up grab a marker and go to town. We also know it can be hard to keep children entertained and we know they all go through the phase of drawing and coloring on the wall so just imagine providing them with their own section where they can color and draw on the wall as much as they want and erase and start again the next day. Finally, from a business standpoint, the benefits of having a dry erase wall is that you can list the tasks out for each day and mark them off then erase and start again the next day.

With Straightline painting and remodeling, you can also expect metallic decorative finishes, durable architectural finishes, and many many more. We guarantee that we are a one-of-a-kind, top-notch company in the Tulsa greater area and we want to take care of your next painting project on time as well as on budget. You deserve Tulsa painters that are going to treat your next project whether commercial or residential with the utmost professional work and we know that we can provide that for you. We solemnly swear to give you a stress-free experience and truly take the pain out of a painting. If you would like to know more about us and get a free quote please check out her website at straightlinepaintingcompany.com or give us a call at 918-397-9030.