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At straight line paint and remodeling we seriously offers so many services it will blow your mind. We are a full-service painting company that accommodates residential and commercial properties and we’ve even dipped our toes into construction and remodeling. Our experienced painters can provide you with an out of this world interior or exterior painting job, a quick drywall repair, and we even do pressure washing as well as siding. I told you we would blow your mind. If you’re looking for a truly top-notch company then look no further.

Not only will our painting services exceed your expectations but we can also guarantee minimum workplace disturbance while knocking out your next project. We have accommodated residential and commercial companies in the greater Tulsa area with big projects, massive projects, and even teeny tiny ones. Straight line paint and remodeling promises to take the pain out of painting by providing you with a project that is on time and on budget. You can trust us to transform your beautiful home which would add value in the long run but adding a fresh coat of paint makes a bigger impact on truly loving where you live. We are a reliable full service company that truly wants to give you a stress free experience when giving your home a facelift.

Listen Janet, we love you but we’re not living in the 80s anymore. It’s time to get rid of the wallpaper. We offer drywall repair and we even have top-of-the-line interior painting products that are environmentally friendly. It is definitely on our priority list that we offer you low and zero volatile organic compound paint options as well. We’ve got so many different colors of paint and absolutely guarantee that our professionals who have a keen eye for color and design can make picking the perfect color an easy breezy experience for you. On top of every color in the spectrum of the rainbow we also offer dry erase wall paint as well as metallic decorative finishes. You are going to be so in love with the upgrades to your home that we can provide you with that you’ll be hosting all of the future block parties.

If you’re looking for a quick, professional experience with minimal disruption to your daily routine look no further than straight line paint and remodeling. Not only do we offer top of the line interior and exterior painting as well as drywall reapir we also offer pressure washing. If you’ve never had the outside of your home or commercial business pressure washed before then let me quickly explain how massive of a difference it can make just giving your place a fresh new look. We know that over the years in Oklahoma the wind will blow the dust all over the place and it gets caked on top of your property. On top of that over the years bugs tend to take up space on the outside of your home or property. We have extremely great news for you because when you power wash your residential or commercial property not only does it make the paint pop again but it also gets rid of those pesky bugs.

When it comes to our construction and remodeling services here at straight line paint and remodeling we offer fence staining options, installing garage doors and carports, building playhouses, and so many more. We told you that we did exterior painting and I bet you didn’t know that meant fence staining as well. Over the years your wooden fence can start to look drabby. A beautiful wrap around privacy fence needs a facelift just as much as the outside of the house wether you’re trying to sell your property or just update it for the first time since the 90’s. We truly pride ourselves in being an honest one stop shop type of company by being able to take care of all your residential or commercial property updating needs. When it comes to staining your privacy fence we will make sure that we start with a very clean surface by power washing it. We will provide you with the stain that is not only going to be gorgeous and brighten up the outside of your home again but it’s also going to protect it from future weathering to keep it looking nice for years to come.

Not only can straight line paint and remodeling install garage doors, fully assembled gates, and build decks, we can also do something super neat for the kiddos by creating their dream playhouse. Seriously how adorable would it be for the kids to have their customized playhouse in the backyard. How many people do you know that got to give their children the clubhouse of their dreams? If we’re being completely honest you probably never got the clubhouse of your dreams when you were little. We can make sure that the door is big enough for you and gurantee the ceilings are tall enough where you wouldn’t have to crouch that way you can get in there and enjoy that extra playtime with the kids. I’m sure the future tea parties would be absolutely marvelous or on the top part of the structure we could put a pirate wheel and slide for all of the future exploration adventures of the backyard.

Straight line paint and remodeling looks forward to not only updating the interior or exterior of your commercial or residential property we look forward to truly giving you a stress free experience that’s going to leave you with a smile. Check out our website where we also have links to our Facebook and Instagram page. You can also give us a call at 918-397-9030 and don’t forget to ask about scheduling a time for us to come out so we can give you an absolutely free quote. Let us give you a huge update with minimal disturbance to your daily routine while staying on time and on budget.